Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recent Press

I was recently selected from the San Francisco State film production students to participate on one of the film crew shooting the 2008 Official Beijing Olympic Film. I was flown to texas for 8 days where I operated as second cameraman shooting b roll footage and behind the scenes material for the DVD extras. They also asked me to shoot at the torch run through San Francisco on April 9th and will sending me to San Diego in May to shoot bmx racing at the Olympic training center. See the articles below for more info on the project and my participation.
San Francisco Chronical
San Francisco State Xpress Paper

Recent vids- Lotek and Vimby

i am really pleased with all of these videos. The new camera has given me a burst of motivation.

Lotek Trailer 1- filmed and edited by myself

SF1 from Lotek on Vimeo.

Jackson Ratima Lotek web vid- filmed by myself, edited by rich hirsch

Jackson Ratima from Lotek on Vimeo.

Dustin Mata Vimby- filmed and edited by myself. This is probably my favorite vimby segment i have shot yet. we had a lot of fun making it and took a little more time than i have with previous bmx segments. all future bmx segments will have a similar or higher production value.

First Rule: Scrape the Town- filmed and edited by myself.